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About Us

AIM Aging Issues Mediation and LTC Ethics Consultants are divisions of E-Senior Services, LLC.

I'm DeLila Bergan, JD, MA, an elder mediator and bioethicist.


People often ask how I became a mediator.  After working in a hospital for some time, I attended law school at Cleveland-Marshall College of Law.  I then practiced law for many years, initially as a litigator, but ultimately as an elder law attorney, a better fit for me with my health care background.  The difficult questions faced by my older clients and their families led me to return to school to obtain a Master's degree in bioethics and health care policy from Loyola University Chicago.  I needed a better framework in which to consider the  ethical questions raised by aging in our society and my training at Loyola provided that.   After I retired from the active practice of law, I trained as a mediator and  now use elder mediation and ethics consultations to help older adults, their families and senior care professionals work through complex, and sometimes contentious, issues.  

I have the privilege to be an adjunct assistant professor at the University of Texas Southwestern Medical School where I help medical students learn to identify and analyze ethical issues in patient care.  

I'm actively involved in the Elder Mediation section of the Association for Conflict Resolution and in the development of training standards for elder mediators through the Texas Mediation Trainers Roundtable.

When I need a break from my professional life, you will find me playing with my puppy or encouraging flowers to bloom in my garden.

If you have questions about any of our services, please give me a call at 972-809-0247.  I don't have a big social media presence.  The conversations had during mediations and ethics consultations are confidential.  It is my duty to protect my clients' privacy, so I'm not comfortable sharing much on line.  I'm a big believer in old fashioned person-to-person communication, however, and I don't charge for  initial consultations, so please call or e-mail with your questions.

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