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Support and assistance for families
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AIM Aging Issues Mediation

So What Is Elder Mediation?

Elder mediators facilitate conversations and mediate disagreements to help older adults and their families discuss important aging issues.  Dispute resolution professionals are neutral and support all the parties in the discussion.   An elder mediator helps spouses, parents, children and grandchildren calm down and listen to each other.  We help them identify their critical issues and then  offer education on related aging issues and make referrals to services and professionals who can help.   My role is to  keep the family focused and moving forward to find solutions that meet the needs of the elder(s) at the heart of the controversy.


When Can Elder Mediation Help?

Angry father and son

When Can Elder Mediation Help?

  • When family members disagree on a plan of care, including end-of-life decisions
  • When an older, ill or differently abled adult and family cannot agree on whether it is time to move from the family home and, if so, to where
  • When driving safety becomes a concern
  • When there are conflicting plans (or no plans) for financing long-term care
  • When families disagree on fairly dividing opportunities to provide care
  • When families disagree on whether a guardian needs to be appointed, or about who should serve as guardian
  • When families disagree on how to best meet the needs of a person who is differently abled
  • When family members cannot agree on funeral arrangements
  • When families disagree on the distribution of estate assets
  • When residents in senior housing are in conflict with staff or each other
  • When there are quality of care or payment disputes between care facilities and residents or health care providers and patients

Call me at 972-809-0247 to learn how a facilitated/mediated discussion can assist your family.  There is no cost for the initial phone consultation.